Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit

In Recurring Deposit, a fixed amount of money is deposited every month in order to accumulate wealth for a long period of time. This deposit is the best way to obtain a large amount of money after a fixed period of time by saving some predefined amount in each and every month. In this type of deposit Minimum amount Rs.100 and its multiplied amount is deposited every month for a specified period (1 year to 5 years) and the total amount is paid with interest at the end.

These deposits are the best saving method for any person who want to secure large amount of money after certain time. Depending upon your income you can decide your amount. While deciding the amount, you should be little bit careful. If you earn 30000 per month, it is always advisable to invest at least 10-15 % of amount in recurring deposit in order to make your future brighter. The amount that you get after the completion of the deposit period, you can use it for any pre planned scheme like buying any property or car. You can also use this amount in the study of your child.

Features of Credi Lite Nidhi Finance Recurring Deposit Account:

1. At Credi Lite Nidhi Finance, you can deposit minimum amount Rs. 100/- at regular intervals and there is no any maximum limit.

2. The period of Recurring deposit is minimum 1 year and maximum five years.

3. Interest Rate for Recurring Deposit

  • For 1 Year – 8 %
  • For 2 Years – 8.10 %
  • For 3 Years – 8.25 %
  • For 4 and 5 Years – 8.50 %
  • For Senior citizen, Woman and Government Employees 0.25% extra

4. We offer the loan against your RD amount. The loan can be given up to 90% of the RD amount.

5. For premature settlement of RD, 2% less than the contracted rate will be applicable.

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